2008 Platform Committee

State Representatives

The ten states with the most sustaining members (in parentheses) each pick one PlatCom member.

Colorado had 462 members.

LNC Appointees

In order of net votes received:

  • Alicia Mattson (TN 15) (interim Chair)
  • Steve Dasbach (VA 14)
  • Adam Mayer (OR 13)
  • David Aitken (CO 12)
  • Hardy Macia (VT 12)
  • Robert Capozzi (VA 8)
  • Bonnie Scott (NY 8)
  • Brian Holtz (CA 8)
    • Holtz says: "I hereby give everyone permission to quote anything I post here, except for text that quotes and identifies a member who hasn't given permission to be quoted, or that characterizes the opinions of such a member."
  • Jon Roland (TX 6)
    • Roland has given permission for all his Platform proposals to be posted publicly.
    • As 1st Alternate, Roland replaced David Owens (PA 7) when Owens resigned in Aug 2007.
  • Rob Power (CA 6)
    • As 2nd Alternate, Power replaced Steven Burden (FL 9) when Burden resigned in Mar 2008.


In order of net votes received:

  1. Ruth Bennett (WA 6)
  2. Jim Duensing (NV 5)
  3. Morey Straus (NH? 1)
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