Morey Straus

2008-05-20 on LPradicals:

Subject: Phillies joins the deformers
A couple of weeks back, George was added to the Reform roster. I must have missed that press release.

2007-07-06 on LPradicals:

Subject: Gordon returns to AL, Deformers throw in the towel

Marc Montoni

2007-05-21 on LPradicals:

Sophomoric theorizing notwithstanding, the Deformers have no special expertise. Just their anger. They're pissed off at the LP, they're pissed off at Browne and company, they're pissed off at "purists".

Tom Knapp

2008-12-30 on IPR:

The DEA is a murderous criminal organization, and therefore its employees are murderous criminals. Those without the will or wherewithal to exterminate such vermin should at least have the dignity to shun them.

Paulie Fr*nk*l

2006-12-30 on LPradicals:

I think we'll need more than the current and past membership to win at the 2008 convention. Remember, the party reformer/deformers and the Republitarians will be recruiting and organizing heavily between now and then.

Terry Burgess aka terry12622000 aka cottondrop

2008-11-10 on LPradicals:

Its far better that the radicals claim their turf, their own party and no body elses party and show the reformers who want to run for office and hold an office in the LP the door, kick them out of the party. If anything its for the reformers own good. They are clearly in denial because they can win far more votes if they have any talent without the stigma of the LP and libertarian.

Mike Renzulli

2007-02-16 on LPradicals:

that this stuff seems to happen all the time. Idiot outsiders become Libertarians from the Rs and Ds end up not liking the way the party works and the principles and ideals it stands for, come in and try to change things (like the platform) and then when they are done they go elsewhere thinking "mission accomplished". After leaving, the damage done to the LP is where it can end up being an empty shell of itself. The process seems to be happening with the makeup of the LNC. I think its time for the radicals and hardcore Libertarians not only to re-assert themselves but also to finally put an end to this crap that happens every so often. In other words, its time to put our foot down. The only way to do that is by expulsion. Justin Raimondo proposed expelling fake or nerf Libertarians at and I cannot help but agree. We must act for the long run and that means kicking out those who are obviously hostile to what we stand for.

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