Left vs. Right in Crayons

Shannon: Which teacher should I hope to get this year, Mrs. Left or Mr. Right?

Zoe: Well, Mrs. Left says you can draw whatever you want, and everybody gets a crayon. But it's brown. And if kids bring more than one crayon, she takes the extra ones and melts them into more brown crayons. That way, if you lose your brown crayon, she can give you another one, no matter how many times you lose them.

Shannon: Even a hundred times?

Zoe: Sure, because why would kids ever stop bringing extra crayons for the class?

Shannon: What about Mr. Right? What are his rules?

Zoe: Everybody gets to keep all the crayons they bring to school, but if you forget your crayons then you have to ask your friend to share that day. And Mr. Right has rules about what you can draw. You can't draw too much lipstick on the girls. And every family you draw has to have one mommy and one daddy. And if you draw a dinosaur, you have to draw a human in the same picture.

Shannon: Which teacher did you have, Mrs. Left or Mr. Right?

Zoe: I had Mr. Freeman.

Shannon: Did he use the Mrs. Left rules or the Mr. Right rules?

Zoe: He had a different set of rules.

Shannon: I thought there are only two kinds of rules. What were his rules?

Zoe: He let us use our own crayons and markers, as long as we didn't make a mess or draw on other kids' stuff. He let us draw whatever we wanted, and even trade our pictures with other kids, as long as we didn't trick or hurt the other kids.

Shannon: He sounds great! What happened to him?

Zoe: He teaches at a private school now.

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