Ernest Hancock: The Truth Button

This page collects articles and videos documenting public statements by LNC Chair candidate Ernest Hancock that LP delegates might find informative.


  • 1. Using airtime as LP candidate to advocate against voting
  • 2-3. More public advocacy against voting
  • 4-6. Predicting violent revolution and "greatest depression ever"
  • 7-8. Questioning whether the LPUS should even exist
  • 9. On "targeting the LPUS as an enemy of freedom"
  • 10. Calling the 2008 Constitution Party nominee "a good hardcore libertarian"
  • 11. Wrongly predicting that Ron Paul would embrace his hardcore 1988 positions
  • 12. Hancock saying the LP needs to embrace 9/11 Truth to be "relevant"
  • 13. Summary of conspiracy theories on the DVDs Hancock distributes
  • 14. Hancock embracing Pastor who preaches death to Obama
  • 15. MSNBC report about Hancock's support of the Viper Militia


Against Voting

  • 2006 candidate statement on KABC-TV Since 2004, I no longer vote, because I know better. If you're going to vote, if you feel the need to vote, if you hold out that hope, I encourage you to vote Libertarian. […] So, I'm asking you to not vote for me. To not vote. Make sure your vote really counts, by keeping it.
  • 2009-04-25 You have a to-do list, and it's "no more voting". […] I go in, I vote, I come out, and I'm thinking "Ewww, I am encouraging this process."
  • 2003-10-31 They want the building to go down. They need a bridge to blow up. It justifies their existence. And voting's kinda like justifying their existence, it's making them feel better, it's encouraging them. […] All you're really doing is legitimizing or justifying the process. […] The government wants you to vote really badly. Well, that's a sign right there. […] The Declaration of Independence had absolutely nothing to do with voting. It was all about what happens when voting doesn't work. Annie get your gun.

Predicting Violence

  • 2008-11-22 It's not an if-thing, it's an already-happened-thing. So now it's how many cans of Campbell's Soup can you get? How much water do you got? How many friends do you have? How much land can you plow? All those crazy anarchist/libertarian people, they're gonna be the rich S.O.B.s because they got bullets to trade for bread. You think I'm kidding! This revolution can be peaceful, or it can be violent. I think there's gonna be some violence. But it's not gonna be the way you think. It's gonna be people that can't eat. What's coming can not be stopped.

Predicting "Greatest Depression Ever"

  • 2009-04-25 "We should buy now." Hell no, get out. It's not going to get better, it's going to get a lot worse. This is just the beginning of something greater than the greatest depression ever. Get out of the stock market now. So you can say I told you so. What's the date? 25th of April, 2009. It's going to get worse, a lot worse. There, I said it.

IPR Articles


I, Brian Holtz, will likely not be endorsing any candidate in the 2010 LNC Chair race. My IPR reporting on that race is designed to address specific concerns that I think many readers and LP delegates would share about the candidates. I of course cherry-pick the material that I report. As a fellow libertarian, I agree with the vast majority of what I’ve read and heard from the Chair candidates in the dozens of hours I’ve spent reviewing their public record. All my reporting has been biased toward highlighting or correcting their possible deviations from what I think a typical big-tent LP member supports. At the same time, my reporting has been entirely factual and never misleading.

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