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How To Disagree With My Argument

To disagree with my case for overthrowing Saddam in 2003, you have to say this: "No principled Libertarian could have ever argued in 2003 that, given the U.S. success in liberating Iraqi Kurds and easily overthrowing the Taliban, the U.S. military should be used to depose a genocidal totalitarian WMD-using ballistic-missile-firing neighbor-annexing terrorist-funding sadistic maniac who defiantly persisted in what the Security Council declared to be ‘material breach’ of his agreement to be inspected for cessation of his admitted earlier secret WMD programme." If you can't say that, then you're just not successfully asserting disagreement with my actual position, no matter how hard you fantasize that you're disagreeing with me.

How To Refute My Argument

If you can't bring yourself to say the above — and hardly any Libertarian can — then the only other way to disagree with my argument is to refute the factual predicates asserted in it. To do that, you have to pick one or more of the following statements, provide argument/evidence for them, and then also argue that the remaining predicates no longer constituted a case for overthrowing Saddam. Anyone care to try?

America's liberation and decade-long protection of Iraqi Kurdistan could not in 2003 have been considered a success.
America's overthrow of the Taliban could not in 2003 have been considered surprisingly easy.
Saddam’s regime never admitted nuclear ambitions.
Saddam’s regime never expressed hatred for America.
Saddam’s regime never had supported terrorists who had targeted American civilians.
Saddam’s aggressions had not killed over a million people.
Saddam had not invaded any sovereign neighbor.
Saddam had not annexed another sovereign neighbor by force.
Saddam had not fired ballistic missiles at two more neighbors.
Saddam had never defied UN nuclear disarmament mandates that Iraq was bound to obey as a 1945 UN Charter signatory.
Saddam had never used chemical WMDs in a war of aggression.
Saddam had never used chemical WMDs in genocidal attacks on his own citizens.

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