LP Mission

The mission of the Libertarian Party is to unite voters who want more personal liberty and more economic liberty behind the electoral choices that will most effectively move public policy in a libertarian direction.

In principle, a Party should focus on the exercises of franchise whose effectiveness is magnified when the franchisees act in concert rather than through competing organizations. In practice, a Party should focus on the political activities that other types of organizations are hindered from doing. Together, principle and practice point to a few core activities that Parties are best suited for, like:

  • putting candidates on the ballot — even in races that the party can't win
  • getting voters to vote for or against a particular candidate — even ones that can't win
  • measuring and publicizing the amount of voter support for the Party's positions
  • organizing and disciplining elected officials to maximize their effectiveness for the party's cause

Some other political activities are not harmed by possible competition among liberty-promoting organizations, but can't be done by all of them for legal reasons, such as:

  • endorsing and supporting candidates (regardless of party) and ballot measures
  • lobbying elected officials about particular legislative proposals
  • educating the public about particular legislative proposals
  • gathering signatures for ballot measures or otherwise supporting them

Still other political activities are positively aided by competition among liberty-promoting organizations, many of which are more optimized for such activities due to their exemption from legal restrictions on parties. Examples:

  • educating voters about the general merits of various legislative approaches and political principles
  • educating policy-makers about the above
  • educating journalists, students, academics, etc.
  • advocating that people build alternative institutions to government
  • actually building alternative institutions to government

This doesn't mean that a party should never engage in education. Rather, it means that parties should specialize in the kinds of education that are best done by parties, along with the other activities above that are best done by parties.

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