Lunch Democracy

[Zoe and Shannon are sitting at a lunch table.]

Zoe: Isn't democracy great?

Shannon: Yes, it's fair to everybody because everybody gets one vote.

Zoe: Hey, I know, let's vote on what to have for lunch. [Camera pans as she turns to little Heather in a chicken costume, sitting in a seat that only now comes into view.] What do you vote for, little chicken?

Heather: Corn!

Shannon: [Pointing to Heather] I vote for chicken nuggets.

Zoe: Me too. Let's eat! [They grab their knives and forks and look hungrily at Heather.]

Text: You may not be very interested in politics, but that doesn't necessarily mean that politics isn't very interested in you — your property, your liberty, and maybe even your life.

[Cut to the last uneaten bite of a chicken nugget on a plate. Pull back to show Zoe and Shannon sated and Heather's chair empty.]

Shannon: Mmm, that was good!

Zoe: Yeah, it's great to be in the majority.

[Cut to Zoe sitting in a swing outside]

Zoe: Don't worry, we didn't really eat our little sister. We just wanted to say that the rights of each person are more important than what the majority votes for. So vote Libertarian, and win a free country.

Text: I'm interested in politics so that one day my children will not have to be interested in politics.

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