Nanny State Platform

Neither of the two Nanny State parties questions the need for any of the following policies. None of these programs are means-tested, and none of them are for protecting people from aggression. They are only for protecting us from responsibility for our own choices.

restrictions on marriage of consenting adults
restrictions on campaign finance
restrictions on campaign speech
restrictions on personal risk-taking
restrictions on drug development
restrictions on land use
restrictions on pharmaceutical imports
restrictions on buying risky products
restrictions on commodity imports
restrictions on banking
restrictions on nuclear power liability
restrictions on insurance contract terms

mandates for national ID card
mandates on hiring and firing
mandates on wages and hours
mandates on energy efficiency
mandates for use of safety technology
mandates on access for the disabled
mandates on how (not whether) to cut pollution
mandates for employer enforcement of immigration laws
mandates on collective bargaining

bans on gambling
bans on media technology
bans on reproductive services
bans on substance use
bans on private currencies
bans on "obscenity" in media

subsidized mortgage lending
subsidized housing
subsidized tuition lending
subsidized exports
subsidized small business lending
subsidized tobacco
subsidized farming
subsidized grazing
subsidized water usage
subsidized oil exploration
subsidized oil extraction
subsidized mineral extraction
subsidized energy technologies
subsidized spectrum use
subsidized "urban development"

socialized disaster insurance
socialized deposit insurance
socialized unemployment "insurance"
socialized disability insurance
socialized health insurance
socialized prescription drug insurance
socialized retirement savings
socialized K-12 education

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