Teflon Moderate

Ron Paul Ads

"TV Ad #2 for New Hampshire"

  • I'm Ron Paul and I'm running for President. So are a lot of other people as you may have noticed.
  • I'm the only one in either party who's pledge to bring our troops home from Iraq immediately
  • and cut government spending.
  • In Congress I've never voted for an unbalanced budget and as President I'll veto any one that passes.
  • Deficit spending threatens the dollar and our future prosperity.
  • Once we stop wasting trillions overseas we can cut the budget and still help people who need it.

"TV Ad: Defender of Freedom"

  • He defends our freedom and his record shows it.
  • Answering our country's call, Ron Paul became a flight surgeon in the Air Force.
  • As a doctor, Ron Paul delivered over 4,000 babies
  • and is a leading defender of life.
  • In Congress, Ron Paul never voted to raise taxes,
  • never voted for an unbalanced budget,
  • never voted to restrict gun rights,
  • or raise congressional pay.
  • Protecting our God-given freedom. Ron Paul for President.

"TV Ad: Immigration"

  • For generations, Lady Liberty welcomed immigrants who came here legally, followed the rules, and led productive lives.
  • Today, illegal immigrants violate our borders and overwhelm our hospitals, schools, and social services.
  • Ron Paul wants border security now.
  • Physically secure the border.
  • No amnesty.
  • No welfare to illegal aliens.
  • End birthright citizenship.
  • No more student visa's [sic] from terrorist nations.
  • Standing up for the rule of law. Ron Paul for President.

Radio Ad

  • Amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • Voting for higher taxes.
  • Campaign finance reform that limits free speech for gun owners and home schoolers.
  • More government spending.
  • That's not leadership. Conservative Republicans deserve a choice.
  • Congressman Ron Paul has always voted to cut taxes.
  • He's never voted for an unbalanced budget.
  • Ron Paul has never voted to limit the first amendment or the second.
  • Ron Paul is a former Air Force flight surgeon who support a pro-America defense policy that would secure our own border and stop policing the world for the U.N.
  • Ron Paul has received more donations from active military than all other presidential candidates combined.
  • Ron Paul — the champion of the Constitution.
  • The taxpayers' best friend.
  • Ron Paul — the conservative choice.


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