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  • LPUS blog
  • California Freedom - includes feeds from
    • Americans for Prosperity
    • Americans For Safe Access: medical marijuana
    • California Pension Reform
    • Campaign For Liberty: California
    • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers: commentary
    • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers: news
    • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers: press releases
    • Independent Institute: The Beacon
    • Pacific Legal Foundation
    • Pacific Research Institute
    • PensionWatch
    • Prof. Thomas Sowell @ Stanford U.
    • Prof. Tibor Machan @ Chapman U.
    • Reason Magazine: articles
    • Reason Foundation
    • Separation of School & State

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Email me to get a free campaign web site like the one below, hosted at (or at whatever domain name you own). These sites are powered by Google's Blogger engine, featuring graphical tools to update or modify your site/blog from any web browser. After it's set up, you will have complete ownership and privileges for your site, and can customize it as much or as little as you want.


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